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Casa Montessori... Who We Are.

Our Montessori Philosophy of Education

Very briefly, The Montessori Philosophy considers each child as an individual foremost.  He or She springs of potential, needing only proper direction and individual guidance to motivate them, to tap their inner resources and abilities and to fulfill their hidden creativity and intelligence!

Our Purpose

In 2000, when we started Casa Montessori, our single-minded aim was to create a school that provides a holistic learning experience to our children.


Even today, we strive towards making sure that our kids’ lives are enriched, not only educationally, but also in terms of their intellectual, physical, spiritual and psychological development.


But, most importantly, we believe in creating an environment that creates better human beings.


After all, it is our responsibility as Teachers and Parents, to create a better society, One Child At A Time!

Our Goal

Our goal is to help in developing your child into a well rounded person.  We believe that each child is an individual requiring personalized attention in developing his or her academic and social skills.

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