My name is Madhavi Shah!  I grew up in Mumbai, India with two brothers and one sister, I being the eldest in the family!  I completed my undergraduate studies in Biology from Wilson College in Mumbai.  I taught English to South Korean students while in India and I also went to South Korea to teach English as a Foreign Language as a private tutor.

I got married in 1999 and came to the U.S. at that time.  Initially I was in San Diego with my husband.  While in San Diego, I became interested in the Child Care Profession as my Mother in Law owned and operated The Helix Montessori School in Spring Valley.  She started her school in 1972.  After working with her in

San Diego, we moved to the Bay Area and I started Casa Montessori in 2000 in Livermore!


Since opening Casa Montessori, I’ve met so many wonderful parents… Many who’ve become as close as family!  I am truly blessed to be in this field!  It’s very rewarding to see a child grow and mature.  Quite often I meet my students years after they’ve left me and it makes me proud to see where they are in their lives, how they’ve matured and how I may have played a role in where they will go!  I look forward to expanding and enriching my knowledge within the Child Care Profession by attending seminars, workshops and clinics all with the desire to learn new methods of teaching and new methods of reaching out to these blossoming young minds!

Priya Jadhav is our Summer Program Director!  


She's extremely energetic and outgoing! Priya loves the outdoors, loves sports and gets all the children involved in various outdoor activities such as nature walks, field trips to various parks and library visits.

Inside the classroom she's very creative with many different art projects, story telling and board games that keep the children entertained and their minds always thinking.

Although Priya's background is in Human Resources Development, she makes use of her people skills to not only be approachable to the children but also to their parents.

It's truly a great asset to have her on our staff!

Mahima is my daughter and volunteers with us on a daily basis helping us with all age groups.

She's a Senior at Livermore High School and is active in their Music Program.  Mahima's been playing the clarinet since she was in 6th grade.

She works with all the children organizing various art projects for the different holidays throughout the year.  Mahima loves drawing and tries to get even the younger ones to color in between the lines!  She loves word search games and crosswords and gets the older children involved with them as well.

With the older children, she also helps out with their homework if they need it!

Mahima's currently enrolled in the Alameda County Sheriff Explorer Program and is excited to be a role model for all out students!

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