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I am writing this letter in regards to Madhavi Shah and Casa Montessori.  My son, Austin Weinshelbaum has attended the school for almost one year.  I met Madhavi through her husband and instantly knew she was a very caring individual.  We spoke often and during the summer of 2003 I had asked Madhavi if she could take Austin into her school for 2 weeks while my current daycare provider was on vacation.  After the two weeks my son spent there at the school I knew that is where he belonged.


I cannot say enough about Madhavi.  As a parent, she is the most loving, caring person I know.  As a teacher and someone who I trust implicitly with my son, I know there is no one more qualified.  As a friend, she is a wonderful listener and is very wise. I now that when Austin is with her, it as if he was with us at home.  As a teacher, she has helped my son learn and also interact with others.  Her school is impeccably clean and organized.


I am very lucky to be able to find someone with such extraordinary character and integrity.  She always puts the children first and cares for them as if they were her own.  I would be at a great loss if I had not have met Madhavi and found such a wonderful place for my son to learn and grow.


- Leigh Weinshelbaum -

We cannot thank you enough for all the help you had given us over these years.  You had truly been Sean's second mom and without you we wouldn't have been able to anything that we were able to to do with our careers and our lives.  Without any family close by we always looked to you for help and you were always there to help us out.  Your friendship and your love means so much to Tim and I, and especially to Sean.

While we are very excited to embark on this new journey, we know that we will leave people behind who truly matter to us.  You are one of them and we will forever be grateful for that.  We will miss you greatly but we will always remember you support, kindness and friendship wherever we go.

- Tim and Jen Wayman - 

My son Oscar has been attending Casa Montessori, Madhavi Shah’s daycare since he was 3 months old.  He is now 7 months and in this time we have seen big changes and I feel his development has been helped greatly by this daycare.  Oscar is clearly happy there and is obviously very well looked after.  The daycare is well run, attention is paid to all the children, they are usually very happy and there is rarely any crying.


Madhavi is clearly excellent with the children, a great combination of being loving, entertaining, teaching and still being in control and the boss for a lot of kids. I often see her singing or talking to a child, for example when changing a diaper so that they don’t cry.  All the children obviously respect her and order is always maintained.  Madhavi keeps me well informed about what Oscar has been doing that day and how he’s progressing.  She's always very nice about Oscar and has plenty of compliments for all the children.  Madhavi has been very supportive of my choice to breastfeed and has provided a room to feed Oscar at lunchtime.


Placing a child in daycare is a difficult decision for any parent and you have to be absolutely confident in the care your child is receiving.  Madhavi has provided me with that confidence.


- Roisin Keenan -

Casa Montessori offers a very safe and friendly environment for your little one. Miss Madhavi and her staff have a really good understanding of what it takes to raise a kid, including a LOT of patience. We have two kids (4.5 and 2 now...) who have been cared for at Casa Montessori since an early age, and we have felt fully confident when dropping them every single day that they will be well cared for: Casa Montessori’s staff is awesome from infant to Kindergarten ! The facility is actually quite large for a in-home day care (the whole house is actually dedicated to the day care) and is always kept cleaned. Kids of all ages get to spend time with each other, which makes it look like a big family !! At last, they take the time to do age-specific activities, so that they are ready when it is time to go to school.


- Guillaume Petitpas -

Madhavi has been taking care of our 2 1/2 year old daughter (Neena) for almost a year now.  In that time, Neena has blossomed and learned a great deal - In some part due to Madhavi and her team’s work with Neena and all the children at the school.  I highly recommend for your program.


By way of background, my wife is a trial attorney and I manage a business development team for Microsoft.  We both value education and learning very much.  However, given our busy work schedules, we were looking for an environment for Neena that was not only nurturing but also educational.  We examined several of the premier institutions in the Tri-Valley area and selected Madhavi’s based on it’s mix of nurturing and education as well as for the quality of interaction with the teachers, cleanliness, flexibility and their approach in teaching children.  Another factor which influenced our decision in selecting Casa Montessori is Madhavi and her staff’s understanding of the South Asian culture which emphasizes family, learning and education.


Since the time Neena has been attending Casa Montessori, she has become more aware of the people and things around her in an accelerated fashion.  Neena learned her ABC’s very early on, knows how to count from 1-20, knows her colors and shapes, started talking in full sentences, knows a great many nursery rhymes, understood the meaning of the words she was using and is very communicative for a child her age.  Neena has also learned to follow directions well and do activities by herself.  In fact, every night before we retire, Neena insists on putting away her toys and she remembers where everything goes.  A large part of the above is due to Madhavi and her focus on educating the children every day.


Another positive outcome, directly as a result of her attending Casa Montessori, is Neena’s social skills have dramatically improved.  She plays very well with other children, has learned to share her toys and take turns with other children.  This, I do not believe she would have developed as quickly had Neena not been in a program like Madhavi’s.


We initially learned of Madhavi’s program and school through other parents in the area.  Through our due diligence, Madhavi came very highly recommended to us.  This has proven to be true in our experience.  Madhavi and her staff are dedicated and committed to giving our children the best possible early start to their development.


- Sanjiv R. Parikh -

As first-time parents, my husband and I were worried about finding the right person to care for our child. But after we met Madhavi and toured the house, we were at ease and genuinely excited for our infant daughter to go there. The staff is warm and welcoming. The other children are kind and caring. I’ve come home many times with pictures they’ve drawn for my daughter. The learning environment is exactly what we want for our daughter- one that allows her to develop at her own pace but includes her in a great variety of activities, so she can constantly absorb what the other children around her are doing and learning. Even just a couple months after starting, her development has been remarkable. She gives the biggest smiles to the staff every morning when I drop her off. And I always go home with a happy, healthy baby in the evening. We couldn’t be more pleased with Casa Montessori and the fantastic care they provide.


- Nina Albizua -

Like any mom, I was nervous about returning to work after maternity leave and finding just the right place for our baby.  From the moment I visited Casa Montessori and met with Madhavi, I felt instant comfort and no longer needed to worry.  Everything about Casa Montessori just feels right; the children are always happy, staff is friendly everyday, the facility is kept impeccably clean and most importantly, they truly love the kids.  Since starting at Casa Montessori, I've never worried once about my baby receiving the best care possible.  As a parent, there's nothing more important than that!  I feel truly best to have found Madhavi and thankful everyday for the love she provides our child.

- Amber Hancock -

I love taking my son to Casa Montessori School for child care. Everybody is friendly, happy and really great with kids. My son is always happy when I pick him up and often doesn’t want to leave. Madhavi has been very flexible and accommodating to my family. I’m currently a stay at home mom but keep him there one morning a week so that he has exposure to playing with and learning from other children (& Adults) without me. I love that she serves vegetarian food and has a structured program throughout the day. I homeschool a preschool program with my son but I know that his time at Casa Montessori School has helped teach him more than I can do at home. I hope to continue my son at Casa Montessori School as well as start my second baby in the near future. 


- Krista Alexy -

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