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Our Toddler Program


Our Toddler Learning Programs help your child enjoy their interaction with other toddlers as well as other age groups. They learn to share, develop positive behavior, play independently when they want, and develop good listening skills.


Our toddler program creates opportunities for each child to strengthen their:


Social Skills- By regularly exposing the toddlers to group activities and games both indoors as well as outdoors.  We help them to better socialize and co-ordinate with the other kids. 


Language Skills- On a regular basis, children engage in conversations, story telling, singing, dancing and other activities that develop their ability to communicate. 


Presentation Skills- Daily activities are carried out to help children develop the confidence to present to a classfull of audience and overcome stage fear at a very early age. 


Motor Skills- Under the caring guidance of our teachers, children engage in exploring arts and crafts, dance and music, nature trails, cutting and drawing, etc. This helps develop and refine their motor skills!


Just a few of the activities for Toddlers & Pre School:

Reading & Writing

Music & Movement

Arts and Craft

Hands on projects

Physical Fitness and Gym Time

Zumba and Dance

Nature Walks and Park Visits

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