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Our Infant Program


We strongly believe in the Montessori Method of Education, that of occasional multiage groupings.  We believe that exposing our babies to Circle Time and other such activities with the older kids encourages and enhances their developmental progress that can happen through this arrangement


Social skills improve through interaction with other children at all age groups!

Conversational skills develop faster even if the child is not yet able to understand the words that they are hearing.  These early 'conversations' help to develop their confidence in dealing with older kids as they attempt to learn to respond.

Language skills develop by effectively using sounds, expressions and body language to respond and communicate with other children.

Additionally, our older children learn to be nurturing and helpful to their younger classmates!


Our highly experienced teachers and infant specialists work hard to ensure that each baby is comfortable in their

"Home Away From Home"

A nurturing environment with attention and affection to every individual to make sure they grow in a secure and safe environment.

A nutritious, healthy diet.

Infant friendly and educational toys.

Exposure to stimulating activities and music time.

Supervised Carpet/Tummy time for them to develop their physical and motor skills.

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