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Our After School Program


Our After School Program is a place for your Elementary Student or Middle School Student to come and unwind, get a nutritious snack, relax a bit and then get to their homework.  We have a quiet area where they can concentrate on getting their work done and Mahima Shah is here most of the time who can help them if they run into trouble.  Her specialties are English, Spanish, Drama, Creative Writing and Playing the Clarinet!


After their work is completed, they are free to do whatever they choose, such as play board games, work on in house art projects, puzzles, word search game, read books or just be outside.


Our After School Program offers you, the parent, peace of mind that your child is in a supervised and safe environment immediately after school.


We offer complimentary pick up from Altamont Creek Elementary, Croce Elementary and Christiansen Middle School.

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